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Welcome to The Modern Game

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The Modern Game is an organisation that provides an Aussie Rules ‘Coach Development Program’ to support junior coaches and players of local community football clubs — expertise, workshops and resources to support all coaches along their journey.

Our philosophy and mission is to educate coaches, via our robust coaching framework, that junior football is not all about scoreboard results; it is about “teaching, developing and improving” the children with their sports skills and their general life skills. If the focus is on these areas, the ‘results’ element will look after itself.

How We Can Help Your Club


We deliver a range of interactive “coaching workshops” to junior clubs, coaches and interested parties.  The topics are many and varied and provide coaches and support staff with a fantastic opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge.  The most valuable resource junior clubs have are their coaches and if coaches continually have an opportunity to learn more, as a natural flow on, so will the young players.


Are you looking to improve the quality of your training sessions?

Whether it is planning the session, maximising the time you have available, ideas on how to teach a specific skill or general feedback on how your sessions are being facilitated, we can support clubs and coaches. The aim is to assist the coach in a live training environment so they have the knowledge to confidentially teach it themselves in the future.


Who observes your junior coaches and do they receive structured feedback?

From the pre-game message, watching the entire game and then listening to the post game discussion, we observe coaches across all age groups and then get together with them to share some ‘ideas’.  This is not about ‘telling them how to coach’ – coaching on game day if often quite stressful and if the coach is looking for ideas,  feedback and reassurance, we can provide this using an engaging approach.

Our Coaching Apps

Stats Tracker

The Modern Game: Stats Tracker is a simple to use iPad app that counts, tracks and saves your team stats and notes throughout a game for you to share with your players at the breaks and keep as history for future reference during the season.

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Umpire Tracker

The Modern Game: Umpire Tracker tracks up to 3 umpires in the one game. Built for iPad’s, you can track each umpire by decision, free kick paid, in which zone of the ground, which team it was paid for/against along with comments specific to the observation.

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