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Website Revamp

03 Jan Website Revamp

The Modern Game website has been revamped – what do you think?

The main changes are the look and feel of the site, choosing to go for something more clean and simple  and the latest blogs are now scrolling across the top of the screen with previous posts listed below.  If you have a story or article you would like to promote or share, send it through to me ( and I will happily upload it on to the site.

Some other additional features now include being able to easily advertise on the TMG website or link the TMG website (see top of Home Page), and you can now also subscribe to the site via an option at the bottom of the homepage. If you like a particular blog or article, you can now share it via the various social media applications such as twitter, Linkedin, Email, Facebook, etc. which are located at the bottom of the page when the article is open.

Let me know what else interests you as I am always looking to add value.

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