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A night with South Croydon Juniors

17 Feb A night with South Croydon Juniors

On Monday 6th February, The Modern Game visited South Croydon Junior football Club where we delivered a workshop on ‘Effective Coaching & Planning’.  There was approximately 30 participants in the room made up of junior coaches, assistant coaches, senior club representatives, interested parents and committee members; a very interactive workshop with a club who are clearly committed to developing their coaching group and giving their junior players the best opportunity to develop and improve.

The feedback on the night was fantastic and the Junior Club Presdient (Shane Kenealy) sent an email that said:

Thanks Crackers,
Loved it, and I’ve had great feedback already! Looking forward to the next step in our little clubs journey.
Thanks guys, it was great

Here is a link to some photos taken on the night –


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