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Learn how to teach ‘Effective Kicking’

25 Feb Learn how to teach ‘Effective Kicking’

Across all levels of local, community football, “Kicking” is a skill that challenges the majority of players and, coaches regularly comment that the technique is very complex and hard to teach or remediate.  The coach is often a good kick themselves however they find it hard to ‘teach’ the skill.  The Modern Game can help your coaches.

With regular research and best practice teaching methods, we deliver a 90 minute workshop that coaches across all age groups benefit from.  For a complex skill, we keep the teaching approach very simple; combining theory and practice (out on the ground) into the one workshop and the feedback from clubs and coaches has been fantastic.

We understand that one coach cannot educate every player so we encourage the club to invite as many people as possible to our workshop; maximising the number of people who can teach the skill using the same approach while providing a consistent message.

“Kicking is the most difficult skill to teach from a coaching perspective and the most challenging to master from a players perspective”. If you are keen to provide your coaches with the knowledge to improve their players’ kicking skills, take a look at this flyer and feel free to contact me:

Contact: Craig Winter
Email: craig (at)
Telephone: 0416 173 300

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