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Expectations of a Coach

20 Apr Expectations of a Coach

The Modern Game subscribes to the AFL Community Development Newsletter and in the March addition their was a fantastic article on the ‘Expectations of a Coach’.

Here is a snippet from the article:

“Your football season may have started or is just about to. You may be a first time coach; you may have been coaching for years. You may have been asked to be an Auskick coach or you’re a seasoned senior football coach. Whatever your circumstances there will be challenges and expectations.

Recruiting, planning the season, setting up the support staff, establishing the game plan, selecting a leadership group, getting to the know the names of the children and parents will be just some of the tasks in front or hopefully behind you.

….An Auskick coach has expectations which may be as simple as:

  1. Teach the children to kick and handball with correct technique and to mark the ball on chest.
  2. Constantly encourage and reinforce effort and efficiency.
  3. Create an enjoyable experience.

Any Auskick coach not fulfilling these basic expectations needs to consider what he or she is trying to do with young boys and girls who are learning the game.  Any junior coach should have as one of their measurable outcomes that the youngsters they coach will return to play next year.

Remember at junior level this process does not need to be exacting. Just some basic outcomes you as coach, the players you are coaching and the Club agree are worthwhile striving for.

If I had to give one pointer to junior coaches I would say focus on the development of the individual within the collective environment. Coaching is about teaching those under your care to be more effective and efficient at what they do.  If all the players you coach improved then you have achieved regardless of the win/loss ratio”.

If you would like to read the full article, visit AFL Community Development Newsletter

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