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“Stats Tracker App” – Eastern Ranges are Onboard

02 Apr “Stats Tracker App” – Eastern Ranges are Onboard

The ‘Stats Tracker’ App was released at the start of February and, in the first two months, the number of downloads and the feedback received from many coaches that have been using it has been fantastic.

The ‘Stats Tracker’ App has been purchased in Ireland, United States and across most states in Australia – the message is getting out there and coaches across many of the Victorian competitions have said how easy it is to use and how great and simple the reporting is.

The App reached great heights in March; consistently in the top 10 downloaded Sports App in Australia.  We were confident the product would work well ‘in a game environment’ but the results have truly blown us away!

The Eastern Ranges Football Club have been trialling it throughout their pre-season practice matches and have recently confirmed they will be using it in each game during the season.  Here is the feedback from one of their coaches:

“The Modern Game’s “Stats Tracker” has been the answer we have been looking for. Being able to have instant feedback on the critical information we need for both our team and the opposition is fantastic. It’s very easy to set up and we use our injured players to track the stats and it helps them understand what we are looking for from our players. Great product and I would recommend it for any coach at any level to keep track of your key team stats”.
Mark Fisher Eastern Ranges TAC Cup Midfield Coach


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