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Bullying: No rooms for Spectators

04 May Bullying: No rooms for Spectators

The Modern Game have signed up to the Sporting Pulse Gameday News website and in the most recent addition we came across an article on “Bullying”.

Here is a  snippet from the article:

“Parents or teachers should be the ones to deal with bullying incidents”, “It’s a natural and normal part of sport”, “Let them sort it out themselves”.

If you agree with any of these statements then it’s time to leave the stands, because you’ve got it very wrong when it comes to bullying.

Sport is an emotional, competitive arena which is not immune from acts of bullying; in fact it often provides an environment which can lend itself to this type of behaviour.

Examples of bullying in sport may include:

  • a parent telling their child they are “hopeless”
  • players sending abusive text messages, emails to another player or via social networking sites (such as facebook or Twitter)
  • spectators verbally abusing opposition players
  • an athlete calling a referee names.

For young people in particular, being the victim of bullying is a very serious issue and can cause them to feel embarrassed, humiliated and intimidated. It can also affect a person’s physical and mental health, school life and athletic performance.

As members of the community and as coaches, officials, parents, spectators and club administrators, we have a moral, and sometimes even a legal, responsibility to be more than just spectators”.

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