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Coaching – Observations & Improvements

13 May Coaching – Observations & Improvements

It is at this time of the season that junior coaches and/or clubs are looking for external feedback that can help them to further ‘develop and improve’ their coaching.

The Modern Game has developed a ‘coaching improvement program’ where we work with each coach to share our observations and at the same time ask them to self-evaluate their coaching performance.  The Modern Game provide the framework and documentation which is very much designed to capture all things that happen on game day – we then get together with the coach and club to ‘share’ thoughts and ideas in a structured format. Our approach is as follows:

  • Arrive at the game to hear the coaches first word and leave after his last word; observing everything that happens in between
  • Observer to complete the The Modern Game observation checklist
  • After the completion of the game, observer to provide the coach with a The Modern Game self-evaluation checklist to complete
  • The Modern Game observer, coach and the club’s coaching coordinator to meet the following week and share/compare thoughts and agree on a suggested improvement plan
  • Email a copy of both checklists to the club and coach for their records and reference

We have received positive feedback from clubs and coaches on this program and the approach we take.  If you would like more information or feel we can assist you or your club coaches in this area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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