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‘Measure to Improve’

19 Jun ‘Measure to Improve’

Are you coaching for the first time?
Are you keen to see junior players improve under your coaching?
How do you know if your players have improved?
Are you looking for simple measurements?

The Modern Game have some simple and easy to use drills and templates to help you identify and measure the improvement in your junior players.  Whether it be a kicking test over a realistic distance (age specific), a handball test that measures accuracy and speed or assessment templates that allow you to capture the data in an easy to review format – we have the tools and the ideas.

It is our firm belief that all individual measurements remain confidential and with the coach; results shared should be based on a team average. The aim should be to improve the ‘team average’ over the course of the season and hence, it will be likely the majority of individual players will have also improved.

As a club or coach, if you would like to discuss some ideas or request our support to implement some simple measurements, give us a call or shoot us an email – we would love to help and share our knowledge!

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