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Development Workshops for Junior Coaches

27 Jul Development Workshops for Junior Coaches

Over the past 12 months, The Modern Game has been delivering a range of coaches development workshops to a number of junior clubs.  Given the amount of positive feedback, we have decided to open up the opportunity to all junior clubs and/or coaches.

Some of the topics on offer are:

  • Effective Coaching & Planning
  • Tackling, Smothering & Blocking
  • Zone Strategies
  • Running an Effective Training Session
  • Game Sense Training
  • Kicking for Juniors
  • Learning on the ‘Coaches Mat’

For a description of each workshop please click here

While the season is coming to a close, often the best time to participate in these workshops is the pre-season so if you or your club is keen to participate, please contact and express your interest.

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