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Finals Time

25 Jul Finals Time

To all the coaches participating in finals over the coming weeks, The Modern Game would like to wish you and your players the very best!
This is a very exciting time of the year where all the teaching and development of your players throughout the season hopefully pays off and the players have the confidence and skills to compete against the better teams in their grade.

Yes, it is exciting for everyone to see the kids win games at this time of the year however, as coaches, you have a responsibility to ensure you keep things in perspective and manage the expectation.  Whilst premierships are on the horizon, the  desire to win can sometimes over-shadow the life skills and behaviours we also teach and expect; remember the junior/youth player will look to the coach (and parents) for guidance and direction and they will mirror what they see and hear.

Win, lose or draw, this is a great opportunity for those involved to demonstrate respect, sportsmanship, humility, umpire support and a positive representative of the club’s brand.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing many games over the coming weeks and please come up and say hello.

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