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Year-end Assessment of your Club

02 Oct Year-end Assessment of your Club

While The Modern Game have experienced the club environment and have a solid understanding of what works and doesn’t work, we do not profess to be experts in the management of a football club.

Whether your club has been operating for many years or you have only formed in the past few years, it is important that the committee assesses how the year went from an administrative point of view and see what went right and what didn’t. This can help you plan for a better and more successful next year.

Some of the topics you should cover are:

  • How did the year go?
  • Finances & Fundraising
  • Reviewing your club plan
  • Communications
  • Admin Processes
  • Volunteers

“AFL Community Club” have written a great article on this topic. Click on this link Year-End Assessment to help your club get started.

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