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Mark Fisher to Coach VIC Metro

13 Nov Mark Fisher to Coach VIC Metro

 One of The Modern Game’s business owners, Mark (Fish) Fisher has been appointed Head Coach of VIC Metro U16’s.

As many coaches do, Fish started out coaching one of his boys in the younger age groups at the local junior club and, from there, he developed his coaching skills and showed enough to be offered a development coach role at Eastern Ranges. Since then he has gone on to be the head coach of the U16 squad at Eastern Ranges and over the past few years he has held an Assistant Coach role with the Eastern Ranges U18’s.  At every level, Fish has shown the commitment, desire to learn and and ability to connect with junior players across all levels; this has played a big part in being offered his latest role as Coach of the Vic Metrol U16’s.

Fish is a great example for all junior coaches; you may be currently coaching your boy at the local junior club but you never know where your journey may progress to.

Congratulations Fish. You deserve the opportunity and will do a great job!

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