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New Business Name – ‘The Modern Game’

28 Dec New Business Name – ‘The Modern Game’

Plan to Win will now be known as “The Modern Game”.

Plan to Win was originally born out of partnering with senior football clubs (only) and at the time, the name suited the business model perfectly. However, our business model has evolved significantly in the past few years and the name Plan to Win no longer aligns with our core business and hence it is important that we distanced ourselves from the word ‘winning’ and we re-named our business to reflect who we are.

Changing our name to The Modern Game will have no impact on our current partnerships; in fact it will only enhance our partnerships as the new business model will now encapture 3 different Business Pillars.  Furthermore, while the business framework has been developed around football, we now have the capability and flexibility to support different sports.

While we are working through the re-branding process there may be some inconsistencies with some of our content.  The change over process is quite detailed so please be patient while we re-brand our website, change email addresses and our documentation.  For a short period of time, you may see reference to both business names.

I can be contacted at if you have any questions.



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