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About Us

The Modern Game is an organisation that provides an Aussie Rules ‘Coach Development Program’ to support junior coaches and players of local community football clubs.

Our program supports all coaches whether they are new or experienced in the role. Focusing on coaching workshops, training advice and support and coach observation and feedback for junior coaches, we also offer a number of other services including some great coaching apps that ensures this program has it all for the junior coach. The philosophy behind this program is not only to support the current coaches at your club but to provide a robust framework that encourages others to take on the role knowing that support is available.

Established in 2006, we see community football clubs as a vital ingredient in forming strong communities and, through experience, we understand that many clubs and coaches require resources guidance and assistance to best achieve their goals. It was here that we decided to develop a coaching framework and help junior football clubs better support their coaches and as natural flow on, their players.

Our organisation’s philosophy and mission is to educate coaches, via our robust coaching framework, that junior football is not all about scoreboard results; it is about “teaching, developing and improving” the children with their sports skills and their general life skills. If the focus is on these areas, the ‘results’ element will look after itself.

The Modern Game has also been built on strong values. Honesty, Integrity and delivering MORE than we promise underpin everything we do and we pride ourselves on exceptional service where we use an engaging and open communication style to build strong relationships with clubs and individual coaches.

In most instances we implement coaching development programs at club level however, we also support ‘individual’ coaches and teams across various levels. The requests are many and varied and we take a great sense of pride in watching coaches and players alike benefit from the involvement they have in our program.