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23 Apr Introducing Young Players to ‘Our Game’

 Josh Vanderloo (AFL National Development Manager) has written a great article on Introducing Young Players to Our Game and much of the contents provides perspective and answers on a number of questions that are often get raised by clubs, coaches and parents at the local junior/community level. As part of the article, there is also a great little video clip that encapsulates the thinking!
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25 Feb Learn how to teach ‘Effective Kicking’

Across all levels of local, community football, “Kicking” is a skill that challenges the majority of players and, coaches regularly comment that the technique is very complex and hard to teach or remediate.  The coach is often a good kick themselves however they find it hard to ‘teach’ the skill.  The Modern Game can help your coaches.
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25 Jul Finals Time

To all the coaches participating in finals over the coming weeks, The Modern Game would like to wish you and your players the very best! This is a very exciting time of the year where all the teaching and development of your players throughout the season hopefully pays off and the players have the confidence and skills to compete against the better teams in their grade.
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03 May Quality Coaching Resources

Clubs are regularly requesting information on quality resources they can access for their junior coaches - look no further. Further into this article there are a couple links to a number of coaching resources which come highly recommended by AFL Victoria.
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