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The Modern Game are pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with Football Integration Development Association (FIDA) for the 2013 Season and beyond.

In April 2012, The Modern Game was invited along to a FIDA (All Abilities) game of football and the experience had an enormous impact; we walked away very humbled. When driving away from the game, we immediately started to think about how we could support FIDA to offer the coaches, players and families of this fantastic league with the opportunity to further enhance their coaching/football knowledge and skills.

Whilst The Modern Game is not a large organisation, we would like to be known as a genuine and credible business who not only provides a value for money service but contributes back to the wider football community in a variety of areas.  After further research, we identified that both TMG and FIDA have a number of like synergies and appeared to potentially be a great alignment. In particular, our business philosophies are very similar around “educating, teaching and developing sport & life skills” being the priority as opposed to being focused on the expectation of winning.

With the stars starting to align, we made contact with the then Community Development Manager for AFL Victoria – Eastern Region (Shawn Wilkey) to express TMG’s desire to support the FIDA organization however, at the time, we were unsure in what capacity. Shawn suggested we speak with Logan Whitaker (FIDA Football General Manager) and facilitated a meeting where we were able to brainstorm a number of ideas and initiatives.  After a great discussion, a number of meetings and some fantastic ideas, Logan Whitaker took the partnership concept back to the FIDA Executive Committee and the response was:  “The committee loves the idea of the partnership and see it as a great step forward for our coaches and our competition”.

While the partnership is very new and will evolve and grow over time, outlined below are some specifics in relation to The Modern Game’s aims and initial contribution to the partnership and how we will support FIDA:


  • To provide the FIDA Competition, Clubs, Coaches and Players with further Education and Development opportunities
  • To give back to Community support and assist FIDA to foster their organisational purpose


  • Promote the FIDA Organisation through website communications, blogs and links
  • Facilitate educational workshops for FIDA Clubs and Coaches (in kind)
  • Make an annual financial donation to the FIDA Competition (dependant on revenue)
  • Support FIDA to avail their clubs, coaches and players to education and teaching expertise


Both organisations will be sharing updates on our various partnership activities and recognising the organisations and individuals that make the partnership a success. Keep an eye out for partnership developments at and

The FIDA partnership is the first of its kind for The Modern Game and we are truly excited to have the opportunity and look forward to supporting the wider FIDA family and sharing our journey with the wider football community.