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The Modern Game – What’s been happening?

There has been plenty happening at The Modern Game.  To keep you up-to-date, Craig Winter explains a little of what has been going on.

“I think anyone who coaches is passionate about the game and wants to know more.  Hopefully the website and social media links can provide some further access to those clubs we are in partnership with.”

“We continue to strengthen our partnership with a number of junior clubs and have also commenced a number of new partnerships; Dave Madigan has joined our team to help meet with this demand.  Our ‘Coaches Workshop’ program is going from strength to strength and some of these workshops are now delivered at the Eastern Region Level 1 Coaching Accreditation.”

“The The Modern Game website has been updated; it now has a new look, more information and some great articles for junior coaches. We can be followed on Twitter which is a great way for your club, coaches and players to stay in touch with what we are up too.”

“We have set up a press release page on our website and are now looking for articles to add.  If you are passionate about a topic let us know!”

Plan to win continues with its aim to provide a quality framework that focuses on developing and improving junior coaches and players.