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01 Nov Implementing a Club ‘Coach Development Program’

The role of a junior coach is often taken up by the parent of a player in the team and, while some have a background in the game and a solid understanding of the role, many say ‘yes’ to the role because there is no-one else. Either way, the role is always much greater than they anticipate and at some stage through their journey, they will be looking for direction, guidance and support across a myriad of situations.

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30 Oct The Modern Game welcomes ‘Mark Fisher’

The Modern Game is pleased to announce that Mark Fisher has joined our team. Mark (or 'Fish' as he is commonly known) comes with a wealth of experience in football and in most recent times has been heavily involved in junior football; coaching junior teams from U11's through to U16's. Mark made such an impression with his football knowlwedge, enthusiasm for the game and 'ability to develop young kids' that the Eastern Ranges U18's (TAC Competition) have secured his services as one of their Assistant Coaches.
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04 Jul Coaches Seminars

If you are serious about your coaching, keep an eye of out for coaching seminars throughout each season. Coaching seminars are held in all areas of Melbourne so please 'leave a comment' on this blog and we will you help locate one in your area.
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