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Nick Moran –  Football Department – East Ringwood Junior Football Club

“Craig and his team from The Modern Game have been fundamental in the development of our coaching group.  Taking the approach that “you don’t know what you don’t know”, East Ringwood Junior Football Club engaged “Crackers” at a time of change at the club.  The club was growing significantly on the back of some great initiatives and some awesome individuals but this had to scale and the TMG ‘coach development program’ allowed for this to occur.  It was a game changer for our club and something 4 years on we are seeing great successes for on-field but more importantly off-field”.

Shane Mason – Coaching Coordinator , Upper Ferntree Gully Junior Football Club

“Craig has a unique ability to engage and empower others. Craig’s approach enables him to communicate effectively, whether working with a team of Under 10 boys at football training through to facilitating a meeting with the football league and club key stake holders. His strong people skills and personable character enable him to develop trust and strong working relationships at all levels. In working with Craig closely as a Coach and now a Club Coaches Coordinator, I appreciate and value his commitment to up skill and support the development of people in a variety of roles within community sport. Craig’s passion, knowledge and positive influence are now conveyed in the clubs various policies and programs for all to benefit from”.

Shawn Wilkey – Game Development Manager – AFL Vic Eastern Region

“Craig is a specialist in developing productive working relationships with people and through The Modern Game he has been able to design and implement high quality coach education and development programs for a number of community football clubs throughout metropolitan and country Victoria. His programs are developed with strong consultation with club committees, coaches, players and parents in order to deliver a tailored program that lays a foundation and legacy for clubs to build upon year on year. Craig’s people skills, innovative mindset, community football knowledge and network of diverse football professionals makes The Modern Game a wonderful resource for community football clubs to utilize and ultimately create better educated parents (coaches) which creates better outcomes for the kids (players)”.

Peter Randall – Coaching Panel, Bayswater Junior Football Club

The Modern Game led by Craig came to Bayswater Junior Football Club to fill a void that is regularly overlooked at the Junior level, that is to ‘coach the coaches’ which we often take for granted. The sessions were insightful to how to prepare as an individual to coach not only Junior sides but is applicable to senior sides. Craig was able to share ideas, generate ideas and engage the coaches in developing their skills as coaches. The strong emphasis on development drills to enhance the skills of junior footballers was well received and as a result has been implemented across the age groups. Furthermore, his ability to develop and work with the coaches to develop plans for training and match day has been invaluable to all participants of the program and I would strongly recommend any club to use his services.

Shaun Halit – Coach, East Ringwood Junior Football Club

“Our club gave me the opportunity to have Craig Winter from ‘The Modern Game’ come along and watch me coach on game day.

WOW, my head was in the clouds and I was missing so many basic things. The Coach Observations/feedback Crackers provided was detailed, structured, constructive but in no way critical and gave me an entire list of improvements and tools that I could make to my role. Read the full testimonial

Matt Lawson – U17’s Coach, Upper Ferntree Gully Junior Football Club

“Being a first year coach 3 years ago, the clubs partnership with ‘The Modern Game’ has proved invaluable for me; teaching me and showing me how to be a better coach, how to ensure that my development passes down to the boys I coach and makes them better players and individuals. ‘The Modern Game’ provides a great program for coaches, one that I have thoroughly enjoyed being apart of and I hope the club continues the partnership for many years to come”.

Jason Grossman – Junior Coach Coordinator, Bell Park Football Club

We, at the Bell Park Football Club, were very fortunate to have Craig Winter from The Modern Game come and present to our 17 junior football coaches on the 22/3/2016. Craig’s knowledge, passion, enthusiasm & use of humour throughout his presentation of “Effective Coaching for Juniors” made the evening extremely informative and easy to understand. We look forward to working with him in the future, and would not hesitate to recommend him to any club that are looking to invest in their junior coaches.

David Madigan Under 19 Coach, DeLaSalle OCFC

“We are thankful for the sessions you ran with the boys on improving and focusing on pressure skills. You developed a great rapport with the boys and quickly gained their confidence. Everyone acknowledges their importance of the ‘one percenters’ but executing them properly means that they are paid more than lip service when the players are actually in the contest. How important were these in the grand final?!!!! I think the work you were able to put in with them has made them more mature and thoughtful footballers.”

“They looked back on the sessions you ran and you involvement as an important factor in the teams success.”  read the full testimonial

Mike McNair – U12’s Coach, Upper Ferntree Gully Junior Football Club

“Craig’s clear thinking and well researched approach to sports coaching combined with a personable character is both relevant and meaningful in having a positive influence for individuals and teams in any context. Craig’s focus on development as a primary driver and the process by which this development occurs ensures a positive outcome is identifiable and achievable or as many would say, SMART. I have personally benefited from the time spent with Craig and have in turn been able to share this knowledge with others and have received a great deal of positive feedback from a variety of teams over recent years by applying this knowledge. I would highly recommend spending some time with Craig if you are looking to take your coaching to the next level”.