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Shaun Halit – Coach, East Ringwood Junior Football Club

 “Our club gave me the opportunity to have Craig Winter from ‘The Modern Game’ come along and watch me coach on game day.

WOW, my head was in the clouds and I was missing so many basic things. The Coach Observations/feedback Crackers provided was detailed, structured, constructive but in no way critical and gave me an entire list of improvements and tools that I could make to my role.  Read the full testimonial

 Noel White – President, Ferntree Gully Eagles Junior Football Club

WOW!   The Modern Game was able to capture the essence of Junior Football and Sport in an easy to understand and to follow series of presentations – a mixture of theory and practical on-the-ground drills – very powerful!  read the full testimonial 

Mark Bailey – U11’s Coach, Upper Ferntree Gully Junior Football Club

“The Modern Game have not only educated and developed our coaches to a new level, our administration and parents now have a greater understanding of the game with the priority being fun & enjoyment”.  read the full testimonial

 Dave Stubbs – U8’s Coach, Upper Ferntree Gully Junior Football Club


“Thanks mate; it’s always a pleasure to chat with you. You guys have a lot to offer and I think its important we all learn from you guys as much as we can, so we can then pass on to the kids. As you know for me it’s about introducing the kids to footy and a team sport, to give them all the same opportunities and to have fun. And yes I am also having fun.

And just so you know, I also see you guys are doing a great job in supporting the club. It absolutely helps knowing there is that support there, with yourself, Andy and Fish to help guide us coaches.

So from me Crackers it’s a big thank you to The Modern Game and the rest of the club for helping out with our local football”.

Mike McNair – U12’s Coach, Upper Ferntree Gully Junior Football Club


“I appreciate you taking the time to come down and watch the game and subsequent follow up with Shane and myself on Tuesday night.

I might not ask you and the PTW team a lot of questions from week to week however I can assure you I have learned so much from you all in what is really quite a short time and importantly I’ve been able to implement a lot of that into the day to day running of the team….and still plenty of room to improve !

I learn most effectively by observation and experience (something else I learned from that website you told us about…) so between the coaching sessions, the seminars that have been on and putting things into practice its been great. I would never had been able to plan and run the training sessions we have this season as effectively otherwise”.

Andy Gaedicke – Wantirna South Junior Football Club

“Thank you for your awesome workshop and energy you displayed last night, we greatly appreciate the enthusiasm in which you and your colleagues approach the football community in which we love and live so much”….”I have had some great feedback so far from our coaches & helpers”.  read the full testimonial

Michael Fletcher – East Burwood Junior Football Club

“I have been involved at all levels of football over a very long time and found in each session something new to use. I found myself questioning why I do or don’t do things in my own training sessions and I personally added many of the drills demonstrated to my own basic monthly training planner”.  read the full testimonial

Andy Gibbons – Mount Evelyn Junior Football Club

“The professionalism of the The Modern Game Team helped us achieve our major goal; they did this by educating our coaches and helping us keep up with the new and exciting trends in junior football coaching”.   read the full testimonial

Andrew Catley – Boronia Junior Football Club

The day after each session I received nothing but positive feedback from the coaches and parents; Andy and Craig have a real skill for getting the message across to all age groups.  By all reports our tackling has not only improved but has also increased, which always makes the coaches happy”.  read the full testimonial

Steve Teakel – Coaching Development Manager, AFL VICTORIA

“Andy, thanks for your presentation at the “Level 2 Day in Review”.  I received some excell ent feedback on the way you presented to the practical nature of the session.  All the Best – Steve”.

John Myers – Dandenong Ranges Junior Football League

“We would like to personally thank you for your participation in educating the educators.“………“Sometimes it cannot be measured the small sacrifices we make along the way for the long term gain of others”.  read the full testimonial

David Madigan Under 19 Coach, DeLaSalle OCFC

“We are thankful for the sessions you ran with the boys on improving and focusing on pressure skills. You developed a great rapport with the boys and quickly gained their confidence. Everyone acknowledges their importance of the ‘one percenters’ but executing them properly means that they are paid more than lip service when the players are actually in the contest. How important were these in the grand final?!!!! I think the work you were able to put in with them has made them more mature and thoughtful footballers.”

“They looked back on the sessions you ran and you involvement as an important factor in the teams success.”  read the full testimonial

Craig Lees East Burwood Premiership Coach 2005-2006

To say I was impressed with Craig’s detailed analysis of the opposition would be an understatement. The material I received from Craig was very thorough and professional. read the full testimonial

Robbie Coccaro

“I know Craig can walk into any situation relating not only to football but also in life and give honest feedback. He is thorough, allows himself enough time to achieve results, and strives to be the best he can be. One thing I can say about Craig is that he is the most organized person I have come across”.  read the full testimonial